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BlackBriar takes a full-service approach to all client engagements. Using our combination finance and systems expertise, we deliver easy-to-use solutions that help you improve business performance. Whether you need a highly integrated multidimensional model for budgeting, a dashboard for running multi-factor “what if” scenarios, or self-service reports, we can provide the dynamic plans and analyses that meet your challenging requirements.


We understand that finance and operations professionals need to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities. That’s why we proactively manage and maintain our delivered solutions to ensure your decisions are made with the most accurate and timely information. We eliminate the data silos, formula errors and scalability issues that exist with spreadsheet-based processes to provide you with solutions that can be fully utilized by the stakeholders that drive your business. Learn more about our services here or contact us for a discovery call.

What We Offer

  • Integrated business planning

    Discover, create and deploy highly integrated multidimensional model for budgeting and planning


    BlackBriar provides integrated business planning (IBP) solutions and services that connect the planning functions of each department in your organization to align operations and strategy with your financial performance. We integrate data from relevant source systems into multidimensional models to provide real-time insights that combine financial and non-financial information and metrics. We reduce the complexity to end users by presenting the drivers that truly impact the business. New products, services, changes in demand, and more are all reflected in easy-to-use worksheets, reports and dashboards.


    Responsive output tied to business drivers, full set of integrated financial statements, module design allows for division of labor to maintain and update model, allows for sensitivity analysis.


  • Board and investor reporting

    Consolidate multiple companies with high level metrics


    BlackBriar develops and maintains the financial and operational metrics and reports required by Boards and Investors to perform their obligations of governance, due diligence and financial stewardship. We work on an ongoing basis with finance teams and Boards to present the required information in a transparent and comprehensive fashion.


  • Cash flow forecasting

    Models that focus on 13 week cash planning needs


    BlackBriar creates cash flow forecasts for the time horizons that are most important for your business. Additionally, accurately forecasting your cash disbursements and receipts, the model can accurately predicts your asset based lending position. As part of an integrated planning model, you will always know when the timings of cash inflows and outflows will change your liquidity position.


  • Contract pricing and margin analysis

    Real data estimating and profitability


    Are your contracts and deals priced to ensure acceptable margins and realistic delivery dates. Are they based on accurate data and validated by historic performance? We provide easy-to-use models that calculate the margins necessary to execute on your marketing, sales, and positioning strategies. You no longer need to price contracts based on the gut feelings of sales and other stakeholders. Our contract models factor in projections and “what if” scenarios for cost of goods/services, capacity planning, competitive pressures, and other variables to provide you with the real-time insights to win projects and ensure profitability.


  • Diagnostic

    Review your current model and provide optimization report


    Many of our clients have existing models, whether in spreadsheets, legacy systems, or Quantrix models. We provide diagnostic services to ensure your models are fully optimized to drive business performance. When issues are uncovered, we provide full documentation and a comprehensive plan to get your models and systems up to speed.


    Optimized model improves performance, using best practices for model building leads to more elegant models, feedback to model build to improve future models


  • M&A modeling and planning

    Evaluation of your next strategic move


    Spreadsheet-based M&A modeling is time-intensive and prone to significant material error. BlackBriar’s M&A planning solutions provide accurate insights into the structure, value and profit potential of target companies. We recreate target-supplied financial models in our multidimensional modeling platform to uncover errors, inconsistencies, and hidden opportunities. Our solutions enable transparency and collaboration among your team to make the best decisions possible. By incorporating “what if” scenarios, you can analyze and project the variables that have the greatest impact on target value and risk.


    Quickly build integrated financial model of target, align dimension for consolidation into existing business, ease of creating "what-if" scenarios.


  • Premier Quantrix support

    Blackbriar FP&A is now offering extended product support to Quantrix customers. Premier Quantrix Support includes:


    • Model Troubleshooting – Are you have a problem getting a formula to work correctly? Just send us the model to us and we will fix your formula.


    • Model Analysis – Have you made a great model? Send it to us and we will review it for structure, logic and data design and adherences to best practices. This is a quick review; however, Blackbriar FP&A offers a holistic diagnostic review as a contracted engagement.


    • Lunch and Learns – Would you like your organization to join a webcast to go over a particular topic? We can schedule short training and demonstrations. This is an excellent way to keep your team moving forward and improving their skills with Quantrix.


    • Impromptu Training – Do you just need a quick refresher on how something works? We can walk you through a concept or feature of Quantrix.


    • Any other support you need to get your models humming.


    Note: this service does not include application installation and upgrade support. You will still use the Quantrix help desk for those issues. We are happy to help out if we can, but our focus is on making top quality Quantrix models.


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  • Training

    One on One or classroom platform training


    Our team of finance and systems experts works closely with client staff to ensure they get the maximum value from the solutions we implement. We provide curriculum-based training with documentation and in-solution help capability to get your team proficient and productive. We also fit gap any skills deficiencies so that your team is better positioned to move into roles of greater responsibility as you grow.


  • “What if” scenario analysis

    Create a model that allows for numerous possibilities.


    BlackBriar works as a partner with companies in fast-moving industries. In order to proactively manage company, supplier and market dynamics, our ability to create multi-variable “what if” scenarios allows you to analyze changes across the enterprise to ensure you are equipped to plan for and act on future possibilities. Scenarios can be saved to versions with upstream and downstream impacts presented to other stakeholders in real-time.


  • Outsourced CFO and FP&A support

    Outsourced cloud based budget modeling and data collection. You review the results.


    We recognize that many organizations, particularly those in high growth or restructuring environments, lack the human resources or expertise or simply time to take finance to the next level. That’s why we offer outsourced CFO and FP&A services. Our finance leaders function as member of your team, uncovering the issues and inefficient processes that hinder success or consume monstrous amounts of time. We design, implement and sustain the models and solutions that allow your organization to focus on business development initiatives without adding costly headcount. We manage the complexity, while you manage the business.


    Allows financial management focus of value added activities, model is updated on regular basis to changes in the business or assumptions, monitor via dashboards the status of the model, extension and modifications are verified by BBA.


Integrated golden cogs of financial problem solving spanning multiple industries.


BlackBriar experience spans several industries with domestic and international companies. While the fundamentals of financial and organizational problem solving in each industry and country have unique characteristics, our team members ability to draw on diverse backgrounds with successful track records in multiple industries and environments allows us to get at the heart of the matter quickly.


BlackBriar has created successful integrated models for industries such as:


•  Private equity

•  Oil and Gas

•  Renewable Energy

•  Mining

•  Manufacturing

•  Higher Education


•  Retail

•  Food Processing

•  Telecommunications

•  Performance contracting

•  Reinsurance

Complexity, Simplified

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