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Integrated Budgeting and Planning Solutions

BlackBriar FP&A Solutions is the culmination of our firm's deep industry and financial experience and a state-of-the-art platform to produce integrated budgeting and planning solutions. The BlackBriar FP&A Solutions line of business was born out of recognition that Excel-based modeling created financial and operational risks for our clients. We knew there was a better way to plan by leveraging sophisticated modeling tools to provide easy-to-use integrated solutions.


BlackBriar is a partner of Quantrix, a leading multidimensional modeling platform. Headed by Steven Bailey, the former Director of Quantrix Professional Services, BlackBriar designs and maintains highly configurable integrated financial models as well as point solutions that provide the comprehensive insights that guide our clients’ decision-making. Accessible securely on the cloud, BlackBriar solutions enable collaboration among stakeholders to ensure that your business is aligned tactically and strategically.


The strength of BlackBriar lies not only in the passion and experience each partner brings to each engagement, but in the true partnership all of us commit to our clients.


Our Partners’ diverse backgrounds with specialized industry expertise provides a wealth of experience. Weekly collaboration on active engagements provides our clients with the collective experience of the team to explore alternatives, validate proposed solutions and expedite strategic plan initiatives.


With our targeted business solutions, we strive to bring immediate value through rapid development and execution of strategic and tactical plans to maximize profitability, cash flow and enterprise value.






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