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Integrated Financial Modeling

BlackBriar FP&A Solutions provides integrated planning solutions for the most complex business challenges. Dynamic organizations choose BlackBriar to address the financial planning and reporting requirements that exceed the capabilities of spreadsheets and rigid performance management systems.


We integrate and consolidate operational and financial data on an easy-to-use, multidimensional platform to provide the insights necessary for improved business performance. Using the latest cloud-based technologies, our solutions enable collaborative budgeting, forecasting and planning for stakeholders and strategic decision-makers that are on the front lines of your organization. Leveraging our deep finance knowledge, vertical market expertise and systems savvy, we create and manage comprehensive solutions so that your teams can focus on their priorities. As a full-service firm, we build close, long-term relationships with our clients to ensure their success.

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BlackBriar takes a full-service approach to all client engagements. Using our combination finance and systems expertise, we deliver easy-to-use solutions that help you improve business performance. Whether you need a highly integrated multidimensional model for budgeting, a dashboard for running multi-factor “what if” scenarios, or self-service reports, we can provide the dynamic plans and analyses that meet your challenging requirements.


We understand that finance and operations professionals need to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities. That’s why we proactively manage and maintain our delivered solutions to ensure your decisions are made with the most accurate and timely information. We eliminate the data silos, formula errors and scalability issues that exist with spreadsheet-based processes to provide you with solutions that can be fully utilized by the stakeholders that drive your business. Learn more about our services here or contact us for a discovery call.

What We Offer

Premier Quantrix support

Extended product support to existing Quantrix customers. Premier Quantrix support includes Model Troubleshooting, Model Analysis, Lunch and Learns, Impromptu Training and any other support you need to get your models humming.

Integrated golden cogs of financial problem solving spanning multiple industries.


BlackBriar experience spans several industries with domestic and international companies. While the fundamentals of financial and organizational problem solving in each industry and country have unique characteristics, our team members ability to draw on diverse backgrounds with successful track records in multiple industries and environments allows us to get at the heart of the matter quickly.

BlackBriar has created successful integrated models for industries such as:

•  Private equity

•  Oil and Gas

•  Renewable Energy

•  Mining

•  Manufacturing

•  Higher Education

•  Retail

•  Food Processing

•  Telecommunications

•  Performance contracting

•  Reinsurance


Integrated gears and cogs

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What our Customers are Saying

Guide using a proven approach to lead team toward mountain peak.


Discover & Design, Implement, Sustain


At BlackBriar, we employ a proven approach that delivers ongoing success to our clients. We begin with discovery sessions to fully understand your particular challenges and needs. Our findings progress to a fully documented design phase where we build out highly functional models, worksheets, analyses and reports. We test against actual data and scenarios with your team to ensure your solution meets or exceeds expectations. We then train end users and “go live” with the solution so that you can begin to experience real benefits for your business. As an ongoing partner to your team, we sustain and update the solutions as your requirements evolve. With BlackBriar, we manage the complexity, you manage the business.


The strength of BlackBriar lies not only in the passion and experience each partner brings to each engagement, but in the true partnership all of us commit to our clients.


Our Partners’ diverse backgrounds with specialized industry expertise provides a wealth of experience. Weekly collaboration on active engagements provides our clients with the collective experience of the team to explore alternatives, validate proposed solutions and expedite strategic plan initiatives.


With our targeted business solutions, we strive to bring immediate value through rapid development and execution of strategic and tactical plans to maximize profitability, cash flow and

enterprise value.






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